WHAT IS URBAN LIVING? 1 Walkability.... Close to everything you need; the main street corner bistro, farmer’s markets, pharmacy, book stores, coffee shops, movies, live theater-- you name it. 2 Sustainability.... As energy costs skyrocket, urban living becomes the clear choice. Multi-family living is naturally green. Close to employment hubs, service centers and entertainment. Park the car and walk or just hop a ride on the light rail. 3 Personality.... Escape the monotony of suburbia with it’s never ending rows of red tiled roofs. Experience individuality in a one-of-a-kind loft, a Chicago style brownstone, or soak in the views from a flat on the fifteenth floor. 4 Community.... Enjoy acres of parks and boardwalks, take in Tempe Town Lake, stroll the annual Art Festivals, the 4th of July or New Years Eve Mill Avenue block party celebrations. Share this life with your friends and neighbors in your community. LOFTS, CONDOMINIUMS & MORE LOFTS Modern design, open spaces, concrete, brick, high ceilings, lots of light. CONDOMINIUMS Traditional to modern, enclosed bedrooms, community amenities. HIGH RISE Flat style living with beautiful panoramic views. TOWNHOMES Condo style with house like features. Walk ups, garages, yards, patios. BROWNSTONES Chicago style living with front stoops, porches, brick, bay windows. Urban living offers something most traditional homes do not... uniqueness! From modern lofts to urban townhomes, condo- miniums to historic brownstones, city dwellers share a common thread-- they’re tired of the bigger the better row after row of red tiled roof subdivision homes. The ability to customize and make their house their home has transformed many suburban- ites into new city urbanites! Step into the typical loft in the heart of any city and you’ll find a one-of-a-kind design, matched only by the one-of-a-kind personality of its owners. Urban living may be characterized by the acronym WSPC, defined by the four character traits described above.