A unique Tempe, AZ real estate agency

Simply put, Urban Realty is not like any other Tempe, AZ real estate agency. We specialize in the concept of 24/7 urban living. This moniker describes people that live where they work in a community that can provide for all of their daily needs. This does not necessarily mean working in the home, but usually close enough to walk. 24/7 urban living describes an exciting new lifestyle that allows people to live in the city with all of its advantages and combine it with the benefits of condominium life. The purchase of Tempe, AZ real estate allows you to live in a modern dwelling that facilitates the ability to walk to your favorite place to eat or grab a cup of coffee or even bookstore, surrounded by a vibrant cityscape. That is 24/7 urban living!

But we do more than just Tempe real estate. Our vision has spread throughout Arizona to Phoenix and Scottsdale as well. Allow us to help you find the right condo or loft for you today. From listings at our Hayden Ferry complex, to areas such as Mill Avenue, we define urban living.

A fresh idea in Tempe real estate

We really are unlike any other realtor in the area. Because we focus on this new style of living, we are able to help you find a great Tempe condo or loft quickly. This is important because these properties are in incredibly high demand. We do not specialize in Tempe real estate but in homes that will connect you with the 24/7 lifestyle. Whether you are searching for the large, open spaces of the industrial style loft or a cozy little space in the heart of the vibrant urban communities of Arizona, Urban Realty wants to help you find your place in the heart of the city.

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