From Phoenix to Scottsdale, lofts allow freedom

Mill Avenure to Scottsdale LoftsUrban Realty is committed to our idea of urban living and our vision extends to Scottsdale. Lofts are a great way to let your personal design ideas shine. Although the stereotype is that all lofts are big, open rooms it certainly is not the case. Whether you are in Phoenix or Scottsdale, lofts are a blank slate to mold into the exact living space you want.

Our Orchidhouse lofts allow you to experience the advantages of urban living. If that is appealing but the idea of a loft space seems overwhelming, let us connect you with a great decorator to help you create your own slice of heaven in the middle of the city.

Tempe's Mill Avenue lofts offer it all

One of the most exciting places to live in Tempe is near Mill Avenue. Lofts in the area offer you all the great advantages of urban living. The area offers so much, including:

  • Easy access to Tempe Town Lake
  • Fine dining
  • Theater
  • Art galleries

Not only do you get the opportunity to customize your own living space but also you will find yourself in one of the most vibrant districts in the state. You could walk to ASU or to all the great shopping and dining along Mill Avenue. Tempe lofts are great ways to experience a 24/7 lifestyle and Urban Realty is truly excited about the opportunity to help you discover the lifestyle that we love.

If you dream of the ability to walk to work every morning or be able to take a leisurely stroll to a favorite bistro or boutique, you are longing for the urban lifestyle. If the idea of living in the heart of a bustling city while making neighborhood connections sounds right to you, it is time to contact Urban Realty. You are ready for the 24/7 urban lifestyle!

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